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If you've ever tried to secure live musical entertainent for a small event like a birthday party, anniversary, house party, neighborhood block party, office party, retirement party, wedding reception, divorce decree, street paving, etc. you already know hard hard it is to find answers to those questions.

Set your mind at ease... you've found the perfect source for entertainment for that special party: The Ruby Reds Band! We've streamlined the process to make it very easy to book the band for your next event. Simply fill out the form below to give us more information about the nature, size, date(s) and duration of your event. [We don't share your information with anyone nor do we sell or give out any personal information of any kind to anybody... so don't worry about that.] We just want to know as much about your musical and entertainment needs as we can in order to provide you with the kind of experience you expect.

We'll get right back to you with some solid information or perhaps some questions to clarify your info if we need that. In a big hurry? Give us a call right now! [404.918.4061] (Well, remember, we're musicians... don't call too early!) We'll go right to work designing a program of entertainment that fits your event and budget.

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