This page is for you if you are a booking agent, talent broker, special event planner, caterer or special events co-ordinator.

Download our CONTACT-free promotional material below and then brand it with your own representational graphics and contact information.

You may also be interested in having your client(s) preview our web-based entertainment offerings without jeopardizing your position. We can assist you in that effort in any of the following ways:

  • We can provide you with a link to our alternate, agent-friendly site. The site is a mirror image of this one but there is no pricing or contact information anywhere. Plus, the site is on a different server so even a web-savvy client can't backtrack to this site. By placing a link to our agent-friendly site on YOUR site your client can only enter our agent-friendly area through your door and will be returned there for contact, booking, and pricing & availability information.

  • We can provide you with a link to a 1 page demo, again with no contact or pricing information. The page would contain a publicity photo, short description and 1 - 3 short audio samples. As above, your client can only view this page from a link on your site and all contact, booking and pricing & availability information goes back to you.

  • We can provide you with the above turn-key html and support files that can be housed on your site so your client stays within your web area at all times.

  • We can provide you with the raw text, graphic and audio files which you can include on your site in keeping with your own design.

Please feel free to download the promotional material below. All files are standard Adobe PDF files. Most computers come equipped with Adobe Acrobat Reader but if your computer doesn't have it you can download the FREE Reader here.

All promotional files below contain NO CONTACT INFORMATION and are suitable for sending out with YOUR contact information. Click on each item to download a high resolution PDF file.

Ruby Reds Band (6 pictured)

Ruby Reds Trio
Ruby Reds Brochure & Tune List (color)
[can be printed on the back of the picture]
Ruby Reds Brochure & Tune List (black & white)
[can be printed on the back of the picture]

Ruby Reds Logo (SMALL | 72 dpi 300 pix-wide)
[suitable for web]

Ruby Reds Logo (LARGE | 300 dpi 800 pix-wide)
[suitable for print]

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